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Do cen katalogowych multimediów doliczany jest podatek VAT w wysokości 23%.

Dental Anatomy & 3D Interactive Tooth Atlas: Version 6.4 (DVD)
Dental Anatomy & 3D Interactive Tooth Atlas: Version 6.4 (DVD)
Cena: 398 EUR
This popular tooth atlas has emerged as the industry standard for high-resolution surface and volumetric models of tooth anatomy. Models are fully interactive and segmented into enamel, dentin, and pulp systems for optimized spatial and anatomic comprehension. New to this version are 3D models for sections on periodontics, odontogenesis, anthropology, and dental embryology.
Electronic Atlas of the Human Occlusion and the Temporomandibular Joint (DVD)
Electronic Atlas of the Human Occlusion and the Temporomandibular Joint (DVD)
Cena: 499 EUR
This innovative learning software combines exceptionally high-quality computer models and illustrations derived from real anatomy with stateof-the-art viewing and interaction protocols. The modules enable breakthrough educational effectiveness across the full spectrum of academic and commercial curricula. Its interactive 3-D models vastly improve comprehension and retention of dentistry's complex spatial structures and concepts.
Surgical Procedures in Implant Dentistry
Surgical Procedures in Implant Dentistry
Cena: 180 USD
A perfect companion to the Surgical Manual, this DVD features live demonstrations of the clinical procedures described and illustrated in the manual. Videos feature single tooth replacement both in the anterior and posterior mandible; implant placement with simultaneous guided bone regeneration in apical fenestration and extraction socket defects; simultaneous sinus elevation using the lateral window and osteotome techniques, and more. This DVD can be purchased separately. Or receive significant savings by purchasing the book and DVD at the same time (over 25% discount).
Duration: 120 minutes
Region Free NTSC DVD

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